Author: Elettrona and Gifter

  • Positive -Poz- world: when does it start?


    Join us on a new adventure as we relaunch Positive World soon, refining stories and settings. Stay tuned for fresh updates!

  • Agony Ass: fifty shades of How Are You


    50 shades of how are you: sometimes people assume to be kind but, especially when dealing with cronic conditions, too many questions might be inappropriate.

  • Site transfer and multilingual WordPress: our challenges


    PlusBrothers, founded in 2019, aimed to be multilingual from the start but faced challenges. After migrating our site in 2021, technical issues forced a redesign. With web designer Gloria Liuni’s help, we created a multilingual WordPress site. Despite difficulties, we now have a functional Italian-English blog, emphasizing manual over automated translations for creativity.

  • Virus just woke up


    Great powers have no hope: I’m the talking virus and I just woke up!

  • Work in progress


    The official launch of our new site will be on July 3th, but we have been working since April with the goal of getting out of centralized social networks and their annoying algorithms as soon as possible; we are really tired of being exposed to misinformation, fake news, insults, you name it. And since #WordPress…